Lisa Tsetse

"Lisa's Feldenkrais work has helped me immensely to feel a body/mind/spirit connection in my daily life. How I sit, stand and move are more fully integrated through her guiding hand and spirit than ever before. As a meditator and spiritual seeker, I believe that my inner practice and her Feldenkrais provide me a level of harmony I could not have reached on my own. "

~Dr. Richard Johnson


Lisa began studies in massage therapy in 1994, completing a one thousand hour program. Her subsequent interest in the Feldenkrais Method led her to train with Mark Reese and Donna Ray from 1998-2002. Mark was one of the foremost trainers in the Method and one of Dr. Feldenkrais’ original North American students. Additional influential Feldenkrais teachers include David Bersin, Jeff Haller and Olena Nitefor.

From Lisa’s early roots in modern dance, she has been immersed in the study of modalities that deepen our understanding of human capacity and potential through movement. The Feldenkrais Method has been one of the most exemplary models for this exploration.

As a guild certified practitioner since 2002, Lisa has been teaching group Awareness Through Movement classes and offering individual Functional integration sessions to a wide range of individuals.

There are two main modalities of learning in the Feldenkrais Method:
Awareness Through Movement® lessons are a series of structured movement sequences that groups of people are led through verbally, utilizing attention, perception and imagination. The movements are usually done lying down or sitting and at a pace and range that honors each participant. The priority is comfort, ease and the development of each person’s inner authority.

Functional Integration® is a hands-on modality specifically designed to meet the needs of an individual. The practitioner, primarily through the use of her hands, guides the student towards a new or more varied use of themselves. The student is usually lying down or sitting and is fully clothed. The quality of touch is non-invasive, informative and interactive in nature.

The applications of the method are experienced on a broad continuum ranging from reduction of pain and improving mobility to performance enhancement for professional athletes, dancers, musicians and actors. It has shown itself to be effective with neurologically based movement difficulties, learning disabilities, and is applicable to anyone wanting to improve the quality of their everyday life and activities

Feldenkrais® work is useful to a wide and varied population. Benefits include improved functioning, regained curiosity, increased vitality, enhancement and shifts in one’s self-image, changes in breathing, posture, flexibility, range of motion and reduction of pain.

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