Lisa Tsetse

"After working with Lisa for 30 years I can say without hesitation that she is an awesome teacher in every respect and has an amazing understanding of how the body works. For example, she can pinpoint in seconds if you are holding tension in some part of the body that might be hindering your movement potential. You'll never regret getting to know this woman. Her creative energy is unmatched!"

~Liz Monnier

About Lisa

Lisa’s thirty-year background in modern dance, Feldenkrais, Authentic Movement and related disciplines inspires and directs her concise and committed approach to the body as source material for creativity, expression and healing. She began to study and perform modern dance in 1971 and has been influenced by dance/theater improvisation throughout her career. She has studied with teachers such as Janet Adler, Diane Eliot, Simone Forti, Anna Halprin, Liz Monnier, Lisa Nelson, Nancy Stark Smith, James Tyler, and Ruth Zaporah.

Lisa earned an academic degree from Indiana University in Sociology with an emphasis in women’s studies. At this same time she continued her dance training and other non-traditional studies at Naropa University where she explored contact improvisation, action theater, body mind centering, dance therapy approaches and meditation. From 1995 to 2006 she directed “Identity Bridge,” a CAP on Violence multi-arts project with poets, drummers, visual artists and at-risk adolescents. The National Endowment for the Arts recognized this project as a semi-finalist in 2005 in their “Coming Up Taller” awards.

In 1979 she co-founded the Fort Wayne Dance Collective (FWDC), a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to developing and sustaining quality modern dance in the Midwest. Twenty years later, as part of FWDC’s outreach mission, she helped birth the Three Rivers Jenbe Ensemble, a traditional African drum ensemble to develop family ties and community consciousness in children 7-17 years old. Today she teaches private and group yoga, creative movement for young and older movers, Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement, and Authentic Movement, as well as developing and facilitating dance/movement curriculum for use in core subjects.

Lisa brings enthusiasm to her teaching and inspires others to express their own uniqueness and creative vitality. Toddlers through older adults experience her work as a balance of curiosity, clarity and gentle support. She relocated to Ithaca, New York, in 2008 where she continues to explore the meaning of life through the experience of movement across time and space.


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